What's the deal?

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what's the deal

What happened, is happening, or is going to happen? Why did something happen or is someone acting a certain way? You seem really upset—what's the deal? So, what's the deal? Are we heading straight to the movie or do you want to grab dinner first? What's the deal with these new fees? Why do we have to pay them?
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What’s the deal?

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WHAT'S THE DEAL? The five-day Royal Ascot race meeting features the cream of thoroughbreds and the fashion and sport experience like no other - Ladies' Day - on June 18.
WHAT'S THE DEAL? Sip a glass of quality champagne as you take a one-hour leisurely look over London at 800ft from your 72nd floor viewing spot in The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe.
WHAT'S THE DEAL? The five-star Lowry Hotel in Manchester's booming Chapel Wharf area is probably the city's most fashionable hotel.
WHAT'S THE DEAL? Take to the skies for the thrill of your life - a 30-minute microlight flight.
WHAT'S THE DEAL? No visit to Dublin is complete without taking in the iconic home of Guinness - the Storehouse.
WHAT'S THE DEAL? It's a bit of a shopping cop-out, but anyone would be happy to receive a gift card from specialists Love2shop Holidays.