What's your age?

What's (one's) age?

How old is one? Hey, what's your age? You're not allowed in here if you're under 21. A: "I have someone I think would be ideal for the role." B: "What's his age? We don't want someone too old for the part."
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What's your age?

Sl. Hello, how are you? Tim: What's your age? Joe: Hey, Tim, what's going on with you? Yo, Sam! What's your age?
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What’s your age?

interrog. Hello, how are you? Yo, Sam! What’s your age?
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Then one of the EMTs began to gather her information "What's your age?, he asked "Fifty-eight," answered the patient, eyeing the beeping device on her finger.
What's your AGE? Scientists believe this happens when protein-rich foods (which also contain AGEs) are cooked at very high temperatures, raising the amount of the chemical in the blood to a harmful level.