what's up

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what's up

1. What's going on? What's happening? So, what's up with Terry? He seems off lately. Well, what's up? Why are you so upset with me?
2. How are you? How are things? (Used as a greeting that doesn't require an answer.) Hey, Tom, what's up? Long time no see! A: "Hi Sarah!" B: "What's up, Janet!"
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What's up?

Inf. Hello. What is happening? What's up? How're you doing? Hey, Chuck! What's up?

what’s ˈup?

1 what’s the matter?: What’s up with him? He looks furious.
2 (especially American English) what’s new?; what’s happening?: Hey Jo, what’s up?

What’s up?

interrog. What is going on?; What is happening? (see also (T)sup?, Wusup?.) Haven’t seen you in a month of Sundays. What’s up?
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So we retreat, surrounding ourselves with all that is familiar--guy buddies, video games, buffalo wings--while attempting to figure out what's up. Guys can be dim.
What's up with you and your suspect picture taking?
And speaking of broken necks, what's up with the new Defcon 4 CD?
And don't forget your boy John Goeman, he knows what's up. Just throw on the I-pizzel and do your thing.
So, now, what's up with endorsing pathetic product that we all know works against the long-term interests of our revered way of life?
"But I can tell you what, knowing what I know about Kyle, and knowing Hallice and Devon, they're going to get their little 'what's ups' in and then they're going to try and rip each other's eyeballs out, which is the way it should be."