What's the word?

What's the (good) word?

Sl. Hello, how are you? Hi, Jim! What's the good word? Haven't seen you in a long time. What's the good word?
References in classic literature ?
In reply to Dakon's "What's the word?" he informed us that the militiamen were deserting.
Making me think that nothing is ever good enough What's the word? Delusional.
She's not getting used to it at all, and the presence of this real-life Duffy is making her current manuscript, what's the word?, oh yeah--lousy.
He didn't have - what's the word? - the fortitude to say, 'Yes, we had a fight and he beat me.'.
"You have a number of very good players, and it's — what's the word? It's not a privilege, but it's a compliment that you guys would say that, so thank you.
well, what's the word?' 'Get me a drink of water,' she says.
what's the word? POWER of The Granta Book of the African Short Story, so I can't read anything.
What's the word?" McDod says trying to break the ice with Jojo, whose appearance alludes to his rebel without a cause nature.
Last May Larry Berkove discussed the relevance of Connecticut Yankee to the general subject of political satire on the national MLA radio program, What's the Word? (#234).
what's the word? Something equivalent to that phrase "man of the theater," so let's try "man of dance."
And what's the word? "Titanic" is a major winner, according to "the buzz." So is Jim Brooks' new picture, formerly titled "Old Friends" and now named "As Good as It Gets" (Brooks is as neurotic about titles as he is about editing changes).
Who needs to know that a red wine is "bursting with fruit, like melon and a hint of wild blueberry that's creamy but wrapped round in a sort of...a sort of wild animal, like a fox...sort of undergrowth in spring smell, just before May?" If that's what it takes to enjoy wine properly, I'll stick to beer because it's er...oh what's the word? Em...oh yeah, it's nice.