What's the betting (line)

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What's the betting (line)

How likely do you think it is that (something will happen or something is the case)? Usually used to imply that one thinks something is very likely. That new intern is a nightmare. What's the betting she screws up another order? I hear we're supposed to get over two feet of snow. What is the betting line that school is canceled tomorrow?
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what’s the ˈbetting...?


the betting ˈis that...

(informal) it seems likely that...: What’s the betting that he arrives late?The betting is that she’ll get her own way.
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Fears there will be a death crash on notorious Woodhead Road in Holmfirth What's the betting the answer becomes speed bumps being placed?
And if they are in Clarence Road then what's the betting that they are in Avondale, Highfield, Oakwood Road and so on?
What's the betting that once all our bank holidays are over with for a while, fuel prices return to something like normal - until the summer holidays?
What's the betting they won't be available for locals to rent or buy?
What's the betting the all-talk Taoiseach would find the time and the money overnight if the health of AIB or BoI was at risk?
What's the betting she'll get the PS20million settlement she wants, sign a confidentiality agreement and no one will hear another word about it.
What's the betting it will be covered in houses in a few years time?
Despite public notices advertising the changes, adverts in this newspaper and countless stories about the plans, what's the betting that loads of commuters will go to catch a bus on Monday morning expecting to hop on and off just as they've always done?
What's the betting this panic move will cause even more problems?
lastsaneman What's the betting the airport will close and the land re-developed as a housing estate.
What's the betting that they'll run into an errant iceberg before they're done?
Yes, I know it's also planned to have an IVF clinic in Neath, but what's the betting that the local health board will be unable to afford it; leaving us, once again, with a service "centralised" in Cardiff.
And what's the betting they have popped a wee half bottle in the Prada handbag too?
What's the betting from these gamblers that they'll disagree?
What's the betting that contracts exist for the biopic of Serbianwar crimes fugitive Radovan Karadzic ?
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