What's cooking?

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what's cooking

What's going on? What's happening? ("Cooking" is often colloquially shortened to "cookin'.) So what's cooking these days? How have you been? Hey, what's cookin', everyone?
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What's cooking?

Inf. What is happening?; How are you? Bob: Hi, Fred! What's cooking? Fred: How are you doing, Bob? Bob: Hi, Fred! What's cooking? Bill: Nothing. Anything happening with you?
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what’s ˈcooking?

(informal) what is being done or planned: What’s cooking in here? You all look very guilty!
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What’s cooking?

interrog. What is happening?; What’s about to happen? What’s cooking? Anything interesting?
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What's cooking? Elderflower ice cream cones (left) and spicy lamb meatballs, vegetable samosas, chicken tikka bites and onion bhajis
What's cooking? Elderflower ice cream cones, left, and spicy lamb meatballs, vegetable samosas, chicken tikka bites and onion bhajis
What's cooking? Elderflower ice cream cones left) and spicy lamb meatballs, vegetable samosas, chicken tikka bites and onion bhajis Claudia Winkleman Decision time: Britain's Best Home Cook judges Chris Bavin, Mary Berry and Dan Doherty
WHAT'S COOKING? One of the little visitors in Marcela's garden
WHAT'S COOKING? Think pasta, olive oil, the freshest fruit and veg, rustic loaves, lots of meat and wine.
And while he wouldn't name the chef, he did tease the What's Cooking? audience with some advance news about an exciting new restaurant venture he's working on with a "famous" Euro-chef.
After putting together their creations they, went off on an Easter parade around Albert Dock to show off their work before returning to the What's Cooking? eatery for a final line-up and judging.
"Well you'd have to be careful now (with Gurinder's food), of course - but she did make a film called What's Cooking?, and after that everyone wanted to eat at her house," the Mirror quoted him as saying.
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Ilya Salkind, producer of the first three "Superman" pics, and Jeffrey Taylor, (2000's "What's Cooking?") plan to produce "Macedonia's Alexander the Great" as the first in a trilogy of films on the life and times of Hollywood's favorite conqueror.
Bend It Like Beckham is the third and least interesting dramatic feature of onetime BBC news reporter Gurinder Chadha (Bhaji on the Beach and What's Cooking?).
She made one of the best films of 2001, What's Cooking? - a highly perceptive, and entertaining, look at differing ethnic groups celebrating thanksgiving in Los Angeles.
The result is What's Cooking? Set on Thanksgiving, it interconnects four diverse families - Latino, Vietnamese, Jewish and African-American - as each confront their own family crises.
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday, 11am-11pm; Friday, 11am-1am; Saturday, 11am-2am, What's Cooking? The longest-serving restaurant at the Albert Dock, dishes here are prepared fresh to order, using locally-sourced ingredients.
| What's cooking? The Peppa Pig Cook |N Play kitchen is great for mini master chefs, PS40 from Very.co.uk.
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