What's new?

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What's new?

1. A standard, casual greeting to someone used to politely (and sometimes superficially) inquire about what is happening in their life. Hey Tom, what's new? It's nice to see you again, Brenda. What's new with you these days?
2. Used to indicate one's belief that something is unsurprising because it is standard or commonplace. A: "Have you read the headlines? Seems like the governor is embroiled in another controversy." B: "Yeah, what's new?" Sounds like another customer has fried their motherboard. What's new, eh?
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What's new?

Inf. What things have happened since we last met? Mary: Greetings, Jane. What's new? Jane: Nothing much. Bob: What's new? Tom: Not a whole lot.
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what’s ˈnew?

(spoken, informal) used as a friendly greeting: Hi! What’s new?
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What’s new?

interrog. Hello, how are you?; What has happened since I last saw you? Hi, Jim! What’s new?
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