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Laura said she had the biggest crush on Wes when she was growing up - she always used to say "I'm going to marry him some day" and she did.
I know where Wes has come from and what it's taken for him to get where he is.
WES needs to tap into that expertise and build working relationships with these companies, by bringing them into the programme to discover which materials are best suited to WEC construction.
Another key concept, adds Eldred, is that a WES supporting continuous flow may still make use of a batch of tasks to gain efficiencies, but it is a flexible, dynamic batch in which the intelligence of the WES constantly adds orders to the batch as downstream work is completed.
I remember we played against Martin O'Neill's Celtic and he was up against Neil Lennon, Stilian Petrov, Shunsuke Nakamura and Shaun Maloney in midfield and he dominated them all.
At Bad Apples we show them that there is more to life then computers.
Wes is famed on the comedy circuit for the way he works routines around power tools, bananas and film noir, with a madcap tendency.
He added: "The only things I'm thinking about Wes at this particular moment are all positive.
Fans of Warwickshire singer-songwriter Wes Finch are giving a kick-start to his new recording project with award-winning producer Gerry Diver.
QFIB's acquisition establishes WES as the first Shari'ah compliant service management company in the UAE.
1 Canaries gaffer Chris Hughton heaped praise on Wes Hoolahan as his stunning performance helped his side extend their unbeaten league run to 10 games.
While Baltimorean Wes Moore was studying abroad in South Africa, the police were searching for a young man who shared his name and hometown.
Accrediting engineering institutions may nominate one candidate a year, and selection is by a WES panel on the basis of further information provided by the candidate.