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welsh on someone

to renege on a bet or an agreement made with someone. (Also spelled welch.) You had better not welsh on me if you know what is good for you. Max welshed on the mob boss and made a lot of trouble for himself.
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welsh on something (with someone)

to renege on a bet or agreement made with someone. (Also spelled welch.) Max welshed on his bet with Lefty. That was not a wise thing to do. It is not wise to welsh on a bet.
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References in classic literature ?
Taliesin is interesting because in a book called The Mabinogion, which is a translation of some of the oldest Welsh stories, we have the tale of his wonderful birth and life.
Caer is the Celtic word for Castle, and is still to be found in many Welsh names, such as Carnarvon, Caerleon, and so on.
And, although these were all written in Welsh, it has been thought that some may have been brought to Wales from France.
And whether they first heard them in Armorica or in wild Wales, the Norman minstrels took the old Welsh stories and made them their own.
The English still spoke English, and the British Welsh or Cymric.
So to the Welsh must be given the honor of having sown a seed from which has grown the wide-spreading tree we call the Arthurian Legend.
But the Welsh degenerating from the nobility of the Britons, never after recovered the sovereignty of the island, but on the contrary quarreling at one time amongst themselves, and at another with the Saxons, never ceased to have bloodshed on hand either in public or private feud.
Thus it had come about that Arthur, originally the national hero of the Welsh, and the deadly foe of the English, was adopted, as a Christian champion, not only for one of the medieval Nine Worthies of all history, but for the special glory of the English race itself.
There had been a heavy downpour in the Welsh hills.
Charley Welsh constituted himself her preceptor and guardian angel, and so well did he perform the self-allotted task that when it was all over she felt fully prepared to write her article.
And as he bowed, across his shoulders she saw Charley Welsh deliberately wink.
Edna was nonplussed, and it was not till she met Charley Welsh in the passage that light was thrown on the mystery.
But the Only Charley Welsh shook his head dubiously.
Charley Welsh is sick," she began, when the connection had been made.
Tell Charley Welsh's sister that Charley Welsh was out this morning, and drew his own pay," came back the manager's familiar tones, crisp with asperity.