Well, pardon me for living!

(well,) pardon me for living!

An angry, exasperated response to a criticism or rebuke that one feels is unwarranted or unjustified, especially since they believe they did something very minimal or nothing at all. A: "Would you please just sit down and stop getting in my way?" B: "Well, pardon me for living!" You don't need to get so upset, I was just suggesting you ask for directions. Pardon me for living!
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(Well,) pardon me for living!

and Excuse me for breathing! and Excuse me for living!
tv. I am SOOO sorry! (A very sarcastic response to a rebuke, seeming to regret the apparent offense of even living.) A: You are blocking my view. Please move. B: Well, pardon me for living! You say you were here first? Well excuse me for breathing!
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