Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard.

Fig. Welcome to employment at our company. (See also on board. Invariably said in greeting to a new employee.) Glad to meet you. Welcome aboard.
See also: aboard, welcome
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Welcome aboard the Regal Princess, with a crew of 1,400.
I say welcome aboard, let's have a take-over and please make it quick.
TC Meenakshisundaram, Founder and MD, IDG Ventures India added, "I am delighted to welcome aboard our new partners Sequoia Capital.
I do welcome aboard our new senior enlisted leader, MCPON(AW/NAC) Mike Stevens, who took the helm of the enlisted force this past September.
We are delighted to welcome back some of last year's sponsors and welcome aboard new partners like Bentley Cardiff.
So if you were one of them, welcome aboard, and we hope you will stay for what promises to be a bumper 2012.
Finally, on a housekeeping note, I would like to welcome aboard our new Managing Editor Jennifer Kovacs.
WELCOME ABOARD WO1 Tony Carre, from Port Talbot, L/S Paul Matthews, from Merthyr Tydfil, and L/L Jo Hopkins, from Llanelli, are among the crew of HMS Southampton.
As we acknowledge the contributions of the outgoing editors, we also welcome aboard the new editor, Eric L.
Grand Central says that cyclists will be welcome aboard.
Welcome aboard to series editors Craig Hart and David Lentz.
With the recent publication of Welcome Aboard, Photographs 1980-2000 (Edition Patrick Frey/Scab, 2001), a good long look at what he's been up to for the past twenty years, his earlier pictures can be placed in context with those that have followed.
It is great to see that the dog guides are welcome aboard ships and even more exciting that there are lines that go out of their way to accommodate the companion's personal need by creating a "lawn" with flats of sod.
Laura Melton, NCTM, of Bowling Green State University, Ohio, has been appointed ECD competition chair; welcome aboard Laura!