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woman crush Wednesday

A phrase that accompanies social media posts of a woman that the poster finds attractive (often a significant other or a celebrity). Often abbreviated as "WCW." Such posts occur on Wednesdays due to the name, created simply for alliteration. Check out my gorgeous wife on woman crush Wednesday! Jennifer Lawrence is my woman crush Wednesday.
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a week tomorrow/on (some day)/etc.

One week from the day specified. Primarily heard in UK. I'm flying to Ireland a week on Saturday for my brother's wedding. We need that report finished a week tomorrow.
See also: on, tomorrow, week

a week yesterday/last (some day)/etc.

One week before the day specified. They only gave me the assignment a week yesterday, so I'm really stressed out about getting it finished by tomorrow. Chris left on his work trip a week last Tuesday.
See also: last, week, yesterday
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