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a week tomorrow/on (some day)/etc.

One week from the day specified. Primarily heard in UK. I'm flying to Ireland a week on Saturday for my brother's wedding. We need that report finished a week tomorrow. Let's reconvene a week on Monday and see where we're at with donations then.
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a week yesterday/last (some day)/etc.

One week before the day specified. They only gave me the assignment a week yesterday, so I'm really stressed out about getting it finished by tomorrow. Chris left on his work trip a week last Tuesday. Oh, we're massively behind—we really needed that report finished a week yesterday.
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woman crush Wednesday

A phrase that accompanies social media posts of a woman that the poster finds attractive (often a significant other or a celebrity). Often abbreviated as "WCW." Such posts occur on Wednesdays due to the name, created simply for alliteration. Check out my gorgeous wife on woman crush Wednesday! Jennifer Lawrence is my woman crush Wednesday.
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* NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE--AUXILIARY * Wednesday (8/14) Following adjournment of Business Session
Establish a point system for cabins to earn points for participating in Wacky Wednesday activities.
He spent a month on loan at Leeds earlier this season and that's when Wednesday boss Danny Wilson was impressed.
"It is my hope that I can stay in Holland, but I will talk with Sheffield Wednesday," he said.
* Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) shares were up 0.57% on Wednesday to hit a new 52-week high of $55.35 for a change of up 0.57%.
Wednesday, July 10th 7:00-8:00 PM | Algonquin Library | Study Room D | 2600 Harnish Dr., Algonquin, IL 60102
Lucky Chinatown, Binondo Manila " April 17 - Holy Wednesday: 10 a.
Wednesday 14/02/2018 a Kericho a Kericho East a Kericho
Tomorrow and Wednesday Strong winds and heavy rain for a time becoming gradually drier through the evening on Wednesday.
Adelaide - January 26th (Tuesday) to January 27th (Wednesday) From Tuesday, 5 P.M.
By Hassan Shingali Just as Friday and Saturday are sacred in Islam and Christianity, respectively, so Wednesday is a holy day for the Yazidi, who still perform their rituals on that day.
Cloudy today, showers tomorrow, colder with clear spells and showers on Christmas Day and Wednesday Fontwell Heavy (waterlogged in the odd place).
The death toll from a powerful typhoon in the southern Philippines climbed to more than 200 people on Wednesday.
Wednesday, March 21, 2012, St Mary`s Assumption Albanian Orthodox Church, 525 Salisbury St..
The first legs are scheduled for Wednesday with the return legs on Saturday.