weather permitting

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(something) permitting

So long as the specific thing does not prevent or interfere with some activity or task mentioned elsewhere. We'll have the company in Foley's Park on Saturday, weather permitting. Time permitting, the presentation will also go over useful and nonintrusive ways to encourage client spending.
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weather permitting

So long as the weather is good enough so as not to cancel, delay, or interfere with what is planned. We'll have the company in Foley's Park on Saturday, weather permitting. The latest update they gave us is that, weather permitting, we should arrive at the airport around 9 PM.
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weather permitting

Fig. if the weather allows it. Weather permitting, we will be there on time. The plane lands at midnight, weather permitting.
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— permitting

if the specified thing does not prevent you from doing something.
1997 Classic Boat Time and weather permitting rudderless sailing is also taught, along with spinnaker and trapezing.
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Work will begin later this summer and is expected to be completed by summer 2013, weather permitting. Grading for the next section of twinning will take place from north of Wandering River to south of Wandering River.
That said, the company may be able to hold you to the entire price of the hire as it is unlikely the castle is leased on a weather permitting basis.
The Red Arrows and the RAF's parachute display team, The Falcons, are scheduled to attend the event tomorrow, weather permitting.
Weather permitting there will be 17 dates played between now and May 23 at Pennant Park, all on Wednesday, apart from the penultimate date, which is at North Wales on Tuesday, May 15.
It wasn't so much that it was a conditions chase for three-year-olds, which is of course unthinkable this side of La Manche, it was the name that was most intriguing, the Prix Weather Permitting.
THE continued cold snap meant that Sharpley Springs/Water was unable to open for the fishery's traditional free Christmas Day's sporting ticket so the management is offering a free four-hour sporting ticket (weather permitting) to the first 10 anglers who turn up on Saturday, January 22 when the fishery will open at dawn.
Weather permitting, Springfield Avenue will be closed at the railroad viaduct between Water and Market Streets starting Tuesday for one month.
Air France announced on Sunday that nine of its long-haul flights today will arrive at airports outside Paris, weather permitting.
Santa Claus will be making an appearance and, weather permitting, there will be donkey rides.
Weather permitting I aim to have a winner, starting with Beith at 10-11 at home to Kilbirnie.
Weather permitting, the staff and students who make up the RNLI lifeboat crewwill demonstrate a lifeboat launch.
The Cline Observatory is a community resource, with public viewing each Friday night, weather permitting.
This summer, Jack's Restaurant & Bar, named after owner Herbert Kerschbaumer's close friend's dog, invites all canines along with their owners to stop by and refresh with a cool drink at its outdoor patio, weather permitting.
to 11:00 p.m., weather permitting. At the end of September, it shuts down for the winter.
Open from May 15 (May 1 weather permitting) to Thanksgiving, the course is within easy walking distance of their five-star resort neighbour, the Inn at Manitou.
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