We aim to please

We aim to please.

Fig. We try hard to please you. (Usually a commercial slogan, but can be said in jest by one person, often in response to Thank you.) Mary: This meal is absolutely delicious! Waiter: We aim to please. Tom: Well, Sue, here's the laundry detergent you wanted from the store. Sue: Oh, thanks loads. You saved me a trip. Tom: We aim to please.
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We aim to please every customer and treat them as an individual.
We aim to please a broad audience, addressing economic issues at the frontier of research on economic theory and policy, with a special interest in macroeconomics, financial issues, monetary economics, banking, and monetary policy
HARD as we aim to please at Derby, the only time we resemble Brazil is when we're wearing our yellow and blue away strip.
For in St John's we aim to please And your needs must be supplied So if you want tea in a china cup Then we're happy to provide.
Whether it''s Monday at the Crown,Tuesday at the Keys or at Skint at the Arena onThursday, and that''s before the weekends, here at Psyche we aim to please every taste.