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meet (one's) Waterloo

To experience a final and resounding defeat. (Napoleon Bonaparte suffered his crushing final defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.) The underdog team met their Waterloo in the championship game and lost to the best team in the league 17-1.
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meet one's Waterloo

Fig. to meet one's final and insurmountable challenge. (Alludes to the final defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo.) The boss is being very hard on Bill. It seems that Bill has finally met his Waterloo. John was more than Sally could handle. She has finally met her Waterloo.
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meet one's Waterloo

Suffer a major defeat, as in Our team's done well this season but is about to meet its Waterloo. This term alludes to Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, Belgium, in 1815, marking the end of his military domination of Europe. It was being transferred to other kinds of defeat by the mid-1800s.
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meet your Waterloo

If someone meets their Waterloo, they suffer a very severe defeat or failure, especially one which causes them to finally stop doing what they are trying to do. It was in attempting to climb the summit of this mountain that I realized I had met my Waterloo. Note: In 1815, the French leader Napoleon suffered his final defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium.
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meet your Waterloo

experience a final and decisive defeat.
The battle of Waterloo in 1815 marked the final defeat of Napoleon's army by the British and the Prussians.
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ˌmeet your Waterˈloo

be finally defeated: She can usually beat anyone at chess, but I think with Kathy she’s met her Waterloo.This idiom refers to the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, in which Napoleon was finally defeated and taken prisoner.
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