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One who often checks the time during an activity or event, as due to boredom and/or a desire to leave. He's a total clock-watcher, so I doubt that he likes his job.


someone -- a worker or a student -- who is always looking at the clock, anticipating when something will be over. There are four clock-watchers in our office. People who don't like their jobs can turn into clockwatchers.

bird watcher

n. a girl watcher; someone, usually a man, who enjoys watching women go by. You bird watchers should just mind your own business!
See also: bird, watcher

clock watcher

n. someone—a worker or a student—who is always looking at the clock. People who don’t like their jobs can turn into clock watchers.
See also: clock, watcher
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ET, a trader sold 1,622 Weight Watchers put options with a $22 strike price expiring on Friday at the bid price of $1.751.
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Poll watcher credentials are available at the Lake County Clerk's Office in Waukegan to qualified political organizations needing them for the Nov.
'Their poll watchers are not poll watchers, but vote-blockers,' he added.
"A friend had joined Weight Watchers and, having heard me moaning, said it was great and that I should give it a go."
As the South Korean government announced recently that it will install air purifying facilities in all preschools, elementary schools and special institutions in three years, industry watchers said the sales are likely to maintain their growth for the time being.
She won her second Diamond Award - celebrating her exceptional support for her members - and trained as a Weight Watchers coach following her own incredible weight loss.
"I am deeply committed to Weight Watchers and continue to see a bright future for the company," said Winfrey, who is continuing in her role as board member, adviser and spokesperson.
O'Neil reported on a racially and geographically diverse group of 563 overweight or obese adults with inadequately controlled type 2 diabetes who were randomized to the off-the-shelf commercial Weight Watchers program featuring regular community meetings and online tools enhanced with telephone and email consultation with a certified diabetes educator, or to a control group who got an initial face-to-face diabetes nutrition counseling visit with follow-up written information materials.
By far the most common form of voter fraud - involving mail-in ballots - only occurs outside of the polls and away from the eyes of any potential poll watchers.
In what can only be described as a failed marketing move, Weight Watchers ( sent  light bulbs to a group of female journalists in Australia to kick off a new diet campaign focused on sex.
The issue of fraud has emerged in recent months, along with the suggestion that poll watchers should be on hand to observe activities on Election Day to help prevent illegal voting, fraudulent ballot counting and other election law violations.
The thought of once again enjoying the pastime she loved, coupled with her pending retirement proved to be just the incentives for Maria to join up to Weight Watchers to shed the weight.
As indicated by the title, this volume traces the Watchers traditions from their ancient Near Eastern antecedents to early Christian, midrashic, and targumic literature.