watch your back

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watch (someone's) back

To be willing and prepared to help or defend someone; to look out for someone in case they need assistance. Don't worry about those thugs, buddy. I'll watch your back if they ever come bother you again. You can always rely on your parents to watch your back.
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watch your (or someone's) back

protect yourself (or someone else) against danger from an unexpected quarter.
See also: back, watch
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Geoff Thompson, aged 47, of Binley, first wrote about his life as a doorman for Coventry pubs including the Pink Parrot and Red Lion in the book Watch Your Back 15 years ago.
During a heated argument, Capp told Ms Westerman: "You are dead, watch your back," the jury was told.
She added: 'Staff were saying watch your back because Anna's been called up to, senior manager Gaynor Flay's office to make a complaint.
But yesterday, her partner Nick Kroll jokingly posted on Twitter: "Hey Bono, watch your back.
The singer claims his message collection includes one that warns, `You better watch your back, because you are seriously f***.
WATCH your back Gameboy, another new handheld device is after your gaming crown.