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that's wassup

slang An expression of approval, excitement, or enthusiasm (about someone or something). The expression is a part of African-American vernacular. Primarily heard in US. A: "How'd the interview go?" B: "Nailed it. They said I can start next week!" A: "Yes, that's wassup!" Did you hear the speech he gave last night? That's wassup! That's the kind of leadership this team needs!
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slang What's going on? How are you? A colloquial contraction of "what's up." Often used as a greeting that does not require an answer. Hey, Brent, wassup? How have you been? Yo wassup! Haven't seen you in ages, bro!
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and Wassup?
interrog. What’s up? Hey, man! Wassup?


See Wusup?
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If you want a one-on-one pregnancy class, you can just come over to the crib, talk it over with my mom, tell you wassup. (FG 2)
Wassup, my homies!, " and treats a computer like a foreign object.
In the era of Twitter andiPhones, chat and Skype, Wassup and YouTube, Caicedo seems to be thenatural author to narrate this new generation: people connected yetdisconnected; with an overdose of information but with emotions theycan't control or understand completely.
Images included photos Clark had taken on or around the locations of his films--including Kids, Bully (2001), Ken Park (2002), and Wassup Rockers (2005), among others--and a calendar shoot for the street brand Supreme, as well as candid close-ups and various snapshots (images of Cohn de Land's last birthday party gave chills).
Wassup?" "Huh?" said Patrick, momentarily confused.
I just thanked God I nevah collect Wonder Woman, bumbye I probably wuz going get all kine accusations about, "Wassup dude, is Wonder Woman wearing bracelets or are those shackles and why is she getting tied up with her own magic lasso?
Songs such as Wassup and Purple Swag were slow and sedated, full of disorienting narcotic rushes, while more upbeat Wild For The Night and Jodye were massive.
New Delhi, March 01 ( ANI ): Bollywood Actor Abhishek Bachchan inaugurated the Wassup Andheri Festival in Mumbai recently.
But I'm afraid her requests for the audience to chant "wassup Robin!" were met with little enthusiasm.
A pleasant greeting early morning in Arabic - 'Salam allaikum' or 'Marhaba' would really make a good start to your day instead of the usual slang we use in our daily lives - 'Hi, Wassup!!!!!'
Of the past decade's many fine films on skateboarders and international skateboarding culture, ranging from Larry Clark's "Wassup Rockers" and Stacy Peralta's "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography" to Tristan Patterson's "Dragonslayer" and Serb helmer Nikola Lezaic's "Tilva Ros," "Only the Young" stands out as the most human and affecting.
It all began in August 2000, at the gates of Virgins' V-2000 festival where thousands of music lovers were asked to shoot out an SMS to a prescribed number containing the word 'Wassup' which would later be drawn through an electric tabulation process.
"Yo wassup?" and after a few seconds, "oh that's wicked!"
She ended her speech by yelling, "Wassup! Thank you!"