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and Wassup?
interrog. What’s up? Hey, man! Wassup?


See Wusup?
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I got to know about wassup Andheri about two years ago when Bosco and Ceaser who are good friends of me and said that they are doing this festival for the locals over here and I think it is very important to promote arts and I think it's a wonderful initiative," he said.
Wassup, from Water Amenities Sanitation Services Upgrading Programme, improves public ablution facilities for the community free of charge.
Crossed paths in our vuelos, said wassup with you, and then took a nap in the afterlife.
yung ant wassup wit it jus show'n da page sum luv so do da same a where u get dat background bru"--This message means, How are you?
Thanks to all who emailed over the last year-plus asking Wassup and when I would review again; alas, I've been busy with other things.
Sinha and another Jabong cofounder Arun Chandra Mohan also announced $ 2- million investment as individuals in on- demand laundry service provider Wassup.
Dont know if MP-FM makes but heard details 2day from some1 who knows (not Arum)exactly wassup that for 1st time makes me think legit chance.
Long Live A$AP followed before he slowed it down for the excellent Wassup, which saw a cascading synth melody form a euphoric backdrop to the track's languid, narcotic sludge.
WASSUP Danny Simpson shows his delight at earning a Championship winner's medal and promotion TREASURED MEMORIES Danny Simpson celebrates after scoring his only goal in England after his cross eluded Peterborough keeper Joe Lewis
Recently he's lightened up a bit, his movie Wassup Rockers (2005) and photographic series "Los Angeles," 2003-2006 evincing a more avuncular spirit.
Or to put it in a more succinct fashion, what a schnurp griddling wassup that will be