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solitary wasp

A type of wasp that does not live in a social colony. My sister is an entomologist currently studying the behavior of solitary wasps.
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1. n. a white Anglo-Saxon protestant. (Usually derogatory. Acronym.) Would you call Pete a WASP?
2. mod. having to do with white Anglo-Saxon protestants; waspish. What a silly old WASP idea.
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The new 'Worried About Wasps' guide, at https://bpca.org.uk/wasps gives an overview of information including biology and behaviour, prevention and control.
The trio will be part of the Wasps squad looking to win a third consecutive Vitality Netball Superleague title when the season gets under way in January.
If wasps are damaging your fruit, reduce the risk by enclosing some of the fruit trusses in bags made from muslin or nylon tights.
"Wasps have built absolutely massive nests and, now that all the larvae have grown up and the queen has stopped laying eggs, the colonies have a workforce with nothing to do - and nothing to eat.
Willie Alexander, boss of Menstrie-based Precision Pest Control, said the number of inquiries his firm had recently received regarding wasps was "double the usual seasonal volume".
The one we most often come across is the common wasp, which is found throughout the UK in almost all habitats, including woodland and urban areas.
Discovered in the western Amazonia, the parasitoid wasp likes to look for spiders in their nests.
Both wasps and bumbeblees live in colonies which thrive during the summer season.
The ministry said wasps, centipedes, earthworms, red ants, snakes and plants like the dictamnus root, rhododendron and monkshood are poisonous and potentially fatal when mixed with soju.
For more information on becoming a member of the Wasps Player Sponsorship Programme, email hospitality@wasps.co.uk