Wanna make sumpin' of it?

(You) wanna make something of it?

A threat to fight or argue about something, usually something that should be minor or easy to overlook. ("Wanna" is a colloquial contraction of "want to." "Something" is often shortened to "somethin'," or, more colloquially, "sumpin'.") A: "Yeah? You wanna make something of it?" B: "No, I'm sorry, I simply wasn't thinking when I said that about your marriage. That's all." A: "I heard yer daddy got fired fer drinkin' on the job again." B: "That's right. Wanna make sumpin' of it? Cuz I'd be more'n happy to wipe that smug grin off yer face!"
See also: make, of, something, wanna
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Wanna make sumpin’ of it?

See also: make, of, wanna
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