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New clients can sign their dogs up for walks and overnight boarding by visiting Walk the Dog's website,
Can't afford to lend money; haven't time to walk the dog, etc.
"We called it 'walking the dog' as in the past husbands used to say to their wives they were going to walk the dog when really they were going to the pub.
However, in the US market, sales of Newcastle Brown Ale - often called 'dog' on Tyneside from the euphemism "I'm going to walk the dog" or "go to the pub" - soared by 10% or the equivalent of 10 million bottles.
The pair continued with the relationship and everything seemed fine and they would walk the dogs on Cobridge Park normally using the entrance on Leonora Street.
'It is common practice for the students to walk the dogs to learn their behaviour and how to properly handle them.
Not allowing us to use the playing fields to walk the dogs would be a crime - our local playing field gets used once at a weekend and once during the week for training - so if you ban dog walkers, who is actually going to use the green space?