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clear waivers

To be unclaimed by another professional club and therefore liable to be assigned to a minor-league club or released.
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on waivers

In a state of being available for claiming by other professional clubs.
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Although both waivers are very similar, there is a key difference between who is eligible for the two waivers:
By employing the Calibre Auto-Waivers product in the flow, we can quickly and accurately deal with waivers associated with both IP embedded in our customers' designs, and customer-specific rules, eliminating problems that could otherwise delay tapeouts.
But now a few states risk losing their waivers, as Washington state did at the end of April, and others face the difficult task of making education policy decisions within the uncertain and changing world of waivers.
We cannot decisively determine whether this is because the Army screened the adult felony waiver population extensively, or whether all applicants for adult felony waivers were inherently lower-risk individuals.
The intent would be to have a court in a state that does not enforce parental waivers have to apply the substantive law of a state that does enforce such waivers.
The purpose of the Medicaid Waivers is to allow states the option to waive certain Medicaid criteria in order to assist individuals with disabilities to remain in the communities of their choice.
Even without the waiver, DCFS has made strides in returning thousands of foster children to their natural families.
If the waiver is approved, the taxpayer will file the first return on paper and then the substituted (subsequent) return electronically.
The Civil Justice Association of California was, within hours of the decision, drafting legislation and seeking a legislative author to reinstate the ability of individuals and companies to rely on pre-dispute jury waiver contracts.
I request that you take appropriate action to ensure that everyone in your acquisition and logistics communities is aware that a waiver to cite military specifications and standards in solicitations and contracts is no longer required.
The author presents her argument in a clear and incisive way and provides a rich source of information about how the waiver projects gradually evolved to shape a coherent political agenda.
For example, in Letter Rulings 200407025, 200406049 and 200406050, it granted waivers for incapacitated taxpayers who were older and hard of hearing, mentally disabled, or recently widowed and suffering illness.
The IRS is empowered to issue guidance providing objective standards for waivers for periods during which IRA participants had received, but not yet cashed, their checks; financial institution errors; or situations in which taxpayers were unable to complete rollovers due to death, disability, hospitalization, incarceration, restrictions imposed by a foreign country or postal errors.
It also streamlines the approval process that states must go through to receive federal waivers from the Medicaid and SCHIP rules.
HHS has contracted for a primer that explains to state officials and consumers what is possible under the personal care option, home and community-based waivers, and other Medicaid services and gives examples of states that have tried different strategies.