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and waa-zooed (ˈʍɑˈzud and ˈwɑˈzud)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. Pete was too waa-zooed to stand up.


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For position players, Baseball-Reference provides data on Rbat (RAA for batting), Rbaser, Rdp (runs above average for batters at avoiding grounding into double plays--for this analysis, I combined Rdp and Rbat), Rfield, and Rpos (positional adjustments), along with total RAA (the sum of all of the aforementioned columns) and WAA, Rrep (replacement runs), RAR (RAA + Rrep), and WAR.
To be as cost-conscious as possible during the prototype process, we designed our tooling with inserts so we could maximize the use of reuseable components and accommodate the next generation of size configurations," Waa said.
It is worth recalling that Tunisia is the second African country, after South Africa, to have been elected as member of WAA Executive Committee since its creation.
First, WAA got city trash facilities on Oahu to extend operating hours, with no additional cost because unions and management agreed to staggered worker hours.
WAA found around40per cent of the costs of activities was wasted after children stopped the activity before the course was finished.
iii) Remaining surplus below Kotri, after adjustment for i) and ii) above, to be matched against additional WAA allocations to see whether these can be met, in part or full, under sequentially varying flow conditions.
The team is currently completing a comprehensive custom built training program and eagerly awaits the opportunity to deliver service excellence for WAA and the wider Airport community.
As it was organised by staff at Jones Peckover, the proceeds were handed over to WAA at St Asaph mart on behalf of Mike's partner Gwyneth Griffiths.
Sutton Coldfield integrated marketing agency WAA has merged with Moseley-based brand activation specialist Chosen Communications.
Setting off last Friday, he will be stopping at all 12 county federation offices in Wales - and visiting the country's three WAA air bases at Caernarfon, Welshpool and Swansea.
It is worth recalling that Tunisia was elected member of WAA Executive Committee during the African sports ministers' meeting, held last October 15-16 in Abuja.
WAA is holding this important culinary event to introduce its product range to the top restaurants in the country with the aim of highlighting Abalone as versatile, healthy, luxury seafood.
Jacqui Lennon, managing director at WAA, said: "We chose to raise money for the Breast Friends group as they are a really important network in Sutton Coldfield.