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Not much time will be gained, O Athenians, in return for the evil name which you will get from the detractors of the city, who will say that you killed Socrates, a wise man; for they will call me wise, even although I am not wise, when they want to reproach you.
Above all, I shall then be able to continue my search into true and false knowledge; as in this world, so also in the next; and I shall find out who is wise, and who pretends to be wise, and is not.
The Wise Installation Studio product also now helps software developers significantly reduce software support costs by supporting Altiris([R]) Software Virtualization Solution([TM]) technology.
Leveraging the Wise brand and other intellectual property assets gives Wise access to capital at competitive rates," said Kevin L.
We're pleased to have Wise Solutions participate in the Visual Studio .
Since licensing the code to Microsoft for the original SMS Installer, Wise Solutions has worked closely with the SMS user community to provide value-added products and services for software repackaging.
We work closely with systems administrators to understand the installation and repackaging issues they face everyday," said Chris King, Director of Product Management for Wise Solutions.
New features that help applications repair themselves and support for all Windows platforms including XP are key reasons to upgrade to version 9," noted Steve Roth, Vice President of Product Development for Wise Solutions.
Wise provides software and services for repackaging legacy installations into .
We've worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that Wise products remain on the cutting edge of installation technology," said Brien Witkowski, President of Wise Solutions.
Wise Solutions' expertise is founded in Microsoft-based installation technologies," said Brien Witkowski, President of Wise Solutions, "As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we are pleased to enhance this commitment by demonstrating long-term focus on Microsoft products and extending the functionality of Microsoft technologies for our customers.
The release of Application Integration Suite is a significant milestone for Wise Solutions in the system administrator market", said Chris King, Director of Product Management for Wise Solutions.
NET Framework relying on Windows Installer technology for deployment, we are pleased to be working with recognized industry leaders such as Wise Solutions to deliver the tools necessary to create these installations," stated Dave Mendlen, Lead Product Manager for Microsoft Visual Studio.
With the release of the Professional and Standard editions of Wise for Windows Installer 3, developers and system administrators can now choose the product that best fits their installation requirements.