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it works for me

It is perfectly suitable; it is OK with me. Anna: "Bob, how would you feel about holding our next meeting on the 25th?" Bob: "Sure, it works for me!"
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An initialism of "works for me." Used primarily in text messages and online communications. A: "Hey, is anyone else on these forums having trouble with the operating system?" B: "Nope, WFM. What version are you running?" A: "I'll come pick you up around 8, OK?" B: "Yep, WFM! :) " A: "How about we hold the meeting at 4 PM tomorrow?" B: "WFM. I'll let the rest of the team know."
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(It) works for me

and WFM
sent. & comp. abb. It works for me.; This proposal works well enough for me and I see no reason to try anything else. (With stress on works and me.) WFM. YMMV.
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The WFM ban on "solicitation" had been broken in store aisles, in check-out lines, and at the store entrance.
The mining companies' reaction was to refuse to meet with representatives of the WFM or its locals.
WFM invests between pounds 1m and pounds 5m in established, profitable companies.
TRACK RECORD James Wakefield, left, Valerie Kendall and Guy Davies, of WFM which plans to raise pounds 50m for its WestBridge SME Fund
There were over 100 exhibiting companies at the WFM. Halal exhibitors included Jaffa Enterprises Ltd, Damasgate Wholesale, Aqua Makkah, Crown Chicken, Regal Group, Arab Cola, and Ummah Foods Ltd.
Generally, density gradients in boards with 55 percent WFM in the face increased with increased WCM contents and decreased CRD contents in the core layer.
One of the most demanding aspects of implementing and supporting the WFM information systems during this rapidly changing trials phase is the receipt, tracking and implementation of change requests, formally entitled 'Requests for Change'.
WFM was launched in November after Werner stepped down from the Egmont-owned Nordisk Film, where he had headed up the company's international sales and marketing division for more than a decade.
Surprisingly little of Big Trouble is dedicated to figuring out the guilt or innocence of Haywood and his fellow WFM leaders.
It has long been known that the Western Federation of Miners (WFM) was a highly democractic union, with a very active rank and file.
The reality is that 70% of contact centers continue to adjust their intraday Workforce Management (WFM) processes manually while one in four of them admit to measuring forecast accuracy at half-hour intervals(i).
In women's action, WIM Bernadette Galas split the point with WFM Anousha Mahdian of Iran to catch up with WFM Shania Mae Mendoza and WIM Marie Antoinette San Diego at 22ndwith 2.5 points each.
Mendoza halved the point with WGM Mary Ann Gomes of India in 28 moves of a Sicilian game while San Diego drew with WFM Li Yunshan after 39 moves of a Slav Defense.