(lone) voice in the wilderness

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(lone) voice in the wilderness

One who expresses an unpopular opinion or idea. She felt like a voice in the wilderness as she tried to warn others about the impending economic collapse. He was a lone voice in the wilderness as he tried to expose the vast corruption within the organization.
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a voice in the wilderness

an unheeded advocate of reform.
The phrase was originally used with reference to the words of John the Baptist, who proclaimed the coming of the Messiah: ‘I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness’ (John 1:23).
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a voice (crying) in the ˈwilderness

a warning of a danger given by a person or small group which most people do not pay any attention to: A few scientists in the early 1980s were warning of the dangers of AIDS but nobody took them seriously. They were just a voice in the wilderness.This comes from a description of John the Baptist in the Bible.
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I'M by no means a voice in the wilderness saying Gordon Brown is arguably the worst ever prime minister, and his partner in crime, Chancellor Darling, is as ineffectual as Brown in his 10-year tenure mismanaging the country's finances.
One of the most common sense speakers at Westminster is Liberal Democrat Vince Cable, but he is a voice in the wilderness.
A mind-expanding and highly contemplative reflection upon the multifaceted dimensions of life, A Voice in the Wilderness draws the reader in with its succinctly worded insights into the foibles and paradoxes of daily life.
When I first came across your publication, I was delighted to find that there was a voice in the wilderness that expressed views and opinions that were completely in synch with the teachings of the Church instituted by Jesus Christ.
Reverend Camille Yorkey's new book 'A Voice in the Wilderness - A Pastor's Journal of Ground Zero' claims that many New Yorkers suffer survivor's guilt.
s bombing of Iraq, a delegation from Voice in the Wilderness (VITW)--its 19th--was in Iraq delivering relief supplies, violating U.
Keith Hwang delivering the sermon ``A Voice in the Wilderness,'' (818) 341-6434.