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and Wala! and Wallah! and Viola! (wɑ ˈlɑ)
exclam. And there you have it! (All versions are misspellings or misunderstandings of the French Voila! the Viola! is a well-meant spelling error.) And walla! There it is. Cooked just right!


See Walla!
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According to Sotheby's, the instrument, which is called "the Macdonald", named after the 3rd Baron Macdonald, Godfrey Bosville, who owned it in the early 19th century, will fetch at least 45 million dollars and is the first such viola to be on the open market in about 50 years.
Only two Stradivari violas, of which the 'Macdonald' is one, remain in private hands.
To fulfill the need for violas by the Moravian settlements, members built the instruments themselves.
To keep the flowers coming FREE 10 PACK OF PANSIES OR VIOLAS VALID SATURDAY APRIL 14 AND SUNDAY APRIL 15, 2012 This coupon entitles you to one FREE 10 pack of violas or pansies from any Dobbies Garden Centre.
One of the finest such suppliers is Elizabeth MacGregor Violas and Cottage Garden Plants (www.
The interesting program featured two viola, the instrument which was featured in three of the four compositions.
So, which Violas are worthy of a space in our gardens?
Rain really beats down pansy flowers, but violas bounce back quickly.
All pansies are violas, but not all violas are pansies.
Violin and viola players can equip their instruments with a synthetic peg system that's durable and easy to maintain, but remains as attractive as wood, thanks to the Gotoh Marvel Violin Peg System from Meisel Stringed Instruments.
Pansies and violas should be planted in well-amended, quickly draining soil.
The violas are grown on the Sweetfields farm organically so that they are 100% edible.
Pansy (Viola) THEIR velvety blooms in a vast range of colours brighten up spring pots and borders, while the smaller violas provide a more subtle burst of colour in late spring and throughout the summer.
Bedding violas tend to have rounded leaves, short-jointed stemslong flower spurs and fragrance.
GLENDALE - Listening on Sunday afternoon to the exquisite violins, violas and cellos crafted in Italy's regaled Cremona region - home to some of history's most cherished string instruments - is one thing.