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Crown Vic

A colloquial name for the Ford Crown Victoria, a model of sedan manufactured by Ford from 1992–2011. Often used in reference to police interceptors that were made from this model of car. My first car in high school was a 1995 Crown Vic. Man, I loved that thing. I'll never forget seeing my brother taken away by the cops in the back of a Crown Vic.
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slang A victim, especially of a crime. During his interview with police, the vic said that the person who mugged him had been dressed like Superman. Paramedics tried their best to revive the vic, but she died at the scene of the accident.
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1. n. a victim. (see also vivor.) We’re all vics, but we all keep going.
2. n. a convict. We try to give the vics a chance at employment where they won’t be treated badly.
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Kahit ako ang nasa lugar no'n, mas masarap matulog," Vic said.
He was a third-year engineering student at La Salle when he got married, but even as a student, Vic Vic had managed the family's school bus service.
Vic and NEW MATERIAL DARLINGTON-BORN Vic (real name is Jim Moir) was once an aeronautical engineer, while Bob, from Middlesbrough, used to work as a solicitor, before they entered the entertainment industry.
Vic back They put their longevity down to never trusting changing comedy trends.
Speaking at the event, Vic said of his technique: "I drew Rod when I was very p***ed."
I love much Vic Watson It also costs around PS600 to stage the contest which has attracted a record 12 entrants this year and fundraising has become harder.
"It's not something that happened over night," Vic said.
For a dollar a year Vic worked almost full-time to establish it as a going concern.
Bob says Vic, real name Jim Moir, 59, failed to win over viewers in 2004 because he was too shy and came across cool.
Paul suddenly remembered that he had been delegated to mark Keeble, who was renowned for his prowess in the air, and he shot off to find Vic leaving Wor Jackie unmarked to head home the flag-kick.
Jim Moir, aka Vic Reeves, called the show Vic Reeves' Variety Palladium and solicitor Bob Mortimer was one of those who went along to see the comedy offering at the Goldsmith's Tavern in London.
Tribune News Network Hilton Doha appointed Laurence Fernandez as the new General Manager of Trader Vic's and will be responsible for overseeing both the operations and commercial aspects as well as maintaining the brand and quality of Trader Vic's Doha from recruitment to service.
SOUTH Shields-based motor dealership Vic Young (South Shields) Ltd, has continued to strengthen links between South Tyneside and its twin town Wuppertal, in Germany by helping two German students gain an insight into the UK's automotive industry.
COMEDIAN Vic Reeves has a belly laugh during a bid night out at a charity auction with wife Nancy Sorrell.