uphill battle

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an uphill battle

A task that is very daunting from the outset and continues to be challenging. The incumbent is so popular that defeating her will be an uphill battle. I'm terrible at math, so I have a real uphill battle ahead of me if I want to improve my grade in Algebra.
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uphill battle

 and uphill struggle
Fig. a hard struggle. Convincing the senator to see our point of view was an uphill battle, but we finally succeeded.
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an uphill ˈstruggle/ˈbattle/ˈtask

something that is difficult and takes a lot of effort over a long period of time: After the recent scandal, he faces an uphill struggle to win back public support before the next election.
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If we achieve our vision in 8 years, we have a great chance of being a global force in 50 years, but if we can't even achieve that vision in 2025, we'll have an uphill battle,' she said.
It's very stop-start, but we're doing the best we can we've been fighting an uphill battle for quite a while," said Nicky Henderson.
The amalgam of his powerful poetry, impeccable storytelling, and impenitent attitude coalesces to create a collection of poetry that artfully defines the uphill battle faced by multiracial Americans.
Senate seat, knows he faces an uphill battle at best.
Summary: Pakistan faces uphill battle in attracting investment.
The Cree family have raised more than pounds 4000 towards their bid to resurrect the local community centre - but find they still face an uphill battle.
COVENTRY Cassidy Jets face an uphill battle against Prague Panthers today in their bid to reach the EFAF Cup semi-final.
GUUS HIDDINK accepts it will be an uphill battle to stop Manchester United from claiming the Premier League - but has vowed Chelsea will do all they can to stop them.
We've come from an opportunity to go into the top two eight games ago to now having an uphill battle to get back in the play-offs.
After years of fighting an uphill battle to protect the environment, can we put in place measures to help stem the tide of global warming?
INTRONAUT Void (Goodfellow Records)--Something raging happens when you get members of Impaled, Exhumed, and Uphill Battle together.
I can tell you it's an uphill battle all the way for journalists of any kind in the publishing world now," she wrote.
A contractor seeking delay damages in the face of a "no damages for delay" clause an uphill battle, to say the least.
From class struggle, to the uphill battle for industrial unions, to the harsh retaliation of employers, to the dismantling of the New Deal labor laws by Neoliberal presidents and the rise of the Neocons, Subterranean Fire explores a fierce battle on both sides for power, wealth, and legitimacy.
This will be an uphill battle, but we will continue to push for as much information as possible.