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unload someone or something on (to) someone

to get rid of a burdensome person or thing on someone else. I unloaded my obnoxious little cousin onto his aunt. I didn't mean to unload my problems onto you.
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unload something from something

to take things off of something; to remove the burden from something. Please unload the groceries from the car. I unloaded the groceries from the bags.
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tv. to get rid of someone or something. We’re gonna unload all the cats and dogs during the Christmas rush.
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The services include the loading and unloading of goods from and to the ships (stevedoring), removing and transporting the goods from the pier to the warehouse and vice versa (cargodoring), as well as receiving and delivering the goods from the warehouse to the addressed recipient (receiving delivery).
The last unloading incident was recorded 21 February 2018.
They should have taken responsibility for the driver's safety and the delivery and unloading operation.
Plans for the facility, which is served by the Norfolk Southern Railroad, include capacity for 135-car unit trains with rail unloading and loading, and barge unloading and loading capabilities.
When not connected to an SRV, the unloading buoy will be submerged 60-70 feet below the sea surface.
Originally, engineers at Drax looked at modifying the existing coal unloading facility to accept biomass, but that was deemed impractical for a host of reasons.
An adjustable pressure setting in the 500 to 3000 psi range, or remote control by venting a pilot control port, determines the unloading point on the SPD model, said Geartek.
Although a provisional patent has been filed and the group hopes that the unloading shoes will one day be marketed as a therapeutic intervention, they do not currently have any company affiliations.
Specializes in hard-to-handle, abrasive or friable materials, railcar unloading of bulk materials, and in-plant batching and weighing.
The original rule, issued in October 2003, included a provision that removed oversight of loading, unloading, and storage of hazardous materials--activities labeled as "incidental" to transportation--from DOT's jurisdiction.
Use the loading tool for loading and unloading rockets.
A cam indexer advances the fixtured component through separate blasting and airwash chambers in the cabinet before returning the finished component to the unloading position at the front of the machine.
The Robert Horne Group has now changed its methods of unloading after it received strong criticism about its normal practice.
In both cases, the loading segment is followed by a hold segment, which is then followed by an unloading segment using a constant unloading rate.