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a (unit of time) or two

For only one or a few units of time specified (minutes, hours, days, etc.). Is it all right if I borrow the car for an hour or two? I'd like to drive to the mall. You can keep the book for a day or two, but I need it back by this weekend to study for my exam.
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absolute unit

slang A large person or thing, especially due to being extremely overweight. Chiefly used in Internet memes, especially in the phrase, "In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.", or similar variations. Primarily heard in UK. Would you look at the size of the fella heading out of that pub? What an absolute unit! Some creep on Twitter shared an old photo of me with the caption, "In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit." I'm nearly four stone lighter now, for God's sake!
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by the (unit)

For each unit, as of items sold in this manner. How much does this meat cost by the pound?
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parental unit

One of one's parents. (Often used in the plural to indicate both parents.) Which parental unit is coming to pick you up from school today, nerd? I'd love to come, but I need to check with the parental units if it's all right.
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by the unit

Fig. each; per. (Used to designate the unit of measure, but not the rate of a measure.) Lettuce is sold by the head. Gas is sold by the gallon.
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(parental) units

n. parents. (see also rent(al)s.) Hey, units! I need to talk to you about something really important.
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1. n. a gadget. Now, take one of the red units—put the copper strip in the slot—place the whole thing in this larger unit—and you’re done. Hand me that unit on the thingy there.
2. n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) Why are you always scratching your unit?
3. Go to (parental) units.
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UBL Capital Protected Fund-II (UCPF-II) announced bonus units of 0.3142 units for every 100 units held.
* Refinancing for $1,100,000 for a three story, mixed use, non-elevatored building containing two Class A apartments and one commercial unit located in Brooklyn, NY.
At the forefront of SDDC's effort to zero in on the changing mission and ensure its ultimate success is the re-emphasis on units being trained and equipped to be fully mission capable anywhere in the world 365 days a year.
The passenger replacement market will decrease by approximately 3.2% in 2006 to nearly 196 million units, or 6.5 million units.
Standard features: Rotary table (two- or three-station), four-tiebar clamp, convertible (horizontal/vertical) injection unit; Selogica control with graphical programming.
Determining the unit of property under the proposed regulations is a three-step process.
Portable or transportable shear/baler/loggers typically are lower-force machines and are limited to processing lighter material than stationary units. "The unit's charge box may be shorter and have less side forces to handle heavier, bulkier material," Bob Pfeffer, vice president of sales/West for Harris Waste Management Services, Peachtree, Ga., says.
"Baskets of Joy" are made possible in coordination with Mary's church, Grace First Baptist Church, and through support from Chapter and Unit 128.
1503(d) applies to domestic corporations and their separate units. Current Regs.
Winning units received a plaque, a Chief of Staff of the Army Star Note, and a note from the sergeant major of the Army congratulating them for their outstanding accomplishments.
Two of the Army's three major training centers--the Combined Maneuver Training Center in Germany and the National Training Center in California-focused primarily on major combat operations, with peacekeeping exercises occasionally added on as a sideshow limited to military police and civil affairs units. The third, known as the Joint Readiness Training Center and located in Louisina, began incorporating large-scale "operations other than war" scenarios, but limited participation to the Army's light infantry formations, which make tip less than half the services combat strength.
Premium brands recorded 92 units in July up from 66 units in June but down from 198 units 12 months ago.
3 percent to 522,938 units from the previous year's 563,987 units.
The CAPMAS revealed that economic housing had the lion's share in FY 2017/18 with 169,800 units, representing 52% of total units, followed by middle-income housing with 118,500 units (36.3%), then above middle-income housing with 31,000 units (9.5%), and luxury housing with 7,000 units (2.1%).
KARACHI -- Car sales slightly fell to 160,359 units during the first nine months of 2018-19 from 161,371 units in same period last fiscal owing to persistent decline in Suzuki Mehran and Bolan.