Uncle Sam

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Uncle Sam

The US government. The image of "Uncle Sam" is known for appearing on US army recruitment posters. It seems like Uncle Sam is always taking more and more taxes out of our paychecks.
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Uncle ˈSam

(informal) a way of referring to the United States of America or the US government: He owed $20 000 in tax to Uncle Sam.The name probably comes from expanding the initials US.
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Uncle (Sam)

and Uncle Sugar
1. n. the personification of the U.S. Uncle Sugar wants a little more of your money this year.
2. n. a federal agent; federal agents. Uncle has some pretty strong ideas about who’s in charge of this investigation.
See also: SAM, uncle
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The couple adds that while Uncle Sam is more commonly known for the prints and posters made in his honor, "It is the human aspect of Samuel Wilson that fills us with the passion.
I know what I'm talking about when I say that it will be a very long and very difficult road, and as long as Uncle Sam does not rein in the wild men of Israel, the good uncle shall continue to be loathed by every Arab this side of Mecca.
As AIPAC-vetted politicians vow to "totally obliterate" Iran if it continues along a nuclear path, the other side of the looking glass reveals Uncle Sam offering to help the Shah develop an Iranian nuclear weapons program in the 1970s, just as he had earlier given a wink and a nod-and no doubt assistance- as Israel began developing its now 200-strong nuclear arsenal.
Uncle Sam and Us confronts simplistic versions of the now popular "globalization thesis" by rejecting the suggestion that the demise of Keynesian welfarism and the transformation of advanced capitalist states was the inevitable consequence of external forces associated with economic globalization.
Well, this may be one of them, as Uncle Sam is about to be blasted out of his, let's say, deep concentration.
To Uncle Sam, these are nothing more then kickbacks.
As betrayed by his education as Ray feels within the African American working-class world that he has adopted, paradoxically, it is his experience of social upheaval in his own country that has given him the insight to recognize the challenge of representing Jake's world: "Thank God and Uncle Sam that the old dreams were shattered.
Actually, it's probably a good thing Uncle Sam didn't take over the student loan program entirely: Competition between the government and private lenders in the student loan market has proven a boon to students.
But that's what Uncle Sam did when he upped anchor in Holy Loch and sailed across the Atlantic.
Any of these individuals who didn't take the trouble to send extra money to the IRS the last four months of 1993 is going to be writing Uncle Sam a chec for thousands of dollars.
These businesses have come to recognize the importance of making Uncle Sam a strategic partner when competing overseas.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Attune Foods, maker of the world's first Probiotic Chocolate Bar, announced today that it has acquired the Uncle Sam and Erewhon cereal brands from US Mills, LLC, further expanding its portfolio of great tasting food products that deliver digestive health benefits.
FOR OR OR OR OR OR O HERE FOR 3THE BEARDS Yank fan as Uncle Sam BY GEORGE J English fans decked out as knights
14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Outright, a popular online accounting solution for small businesses, announced today that enrollment for its final webinar, "Keep Uncle Sam Out of Your Pocket
The thing is, we've watched for years as the IRS tax code has grown in size and complexity, to the point where we figured Uncle Sam was trying to make it impossible for anyone to file their own taxes.