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Then, as WIN-T begins fielding in UEx units we'll "cascade" to the UEy the displaced JNN components.
The MEB does not take the place of the functional brigades nor their expertise that is applied at the broader units of employment-operational (UEy) level and can be applied at the UEx level if the situation dictates.
A different type of unit of employment, the UEy, will serve at a higher level than the UEx and will conduct many of the command and control missions formerly provided by the two levels associated with a corps and an ASCC.
The division, corps, and army headquarters are being condensed into two more flexible headquarters, currently called the UEx and UEy. The UEx will have no fixed organizational structure outside of its requirements to man and equip the command posts and provide support for the commander.
The concept envisions the MP force pooling at one of the two echelons above the UA: UEx (first level above UA) and UEy (two levels above UA) currently being considered in the UE concept development.
Internal Audit Services conducted an Early Implementation Review of the Understanding the Early Years (UEY) Initiative in 2006-07.
For units at the UEx and UEy level, field maintenance will be conducted by support maintenance companies.
The Army is rapidly infusing state-of-the-art, commercial off-the-shelf information technology into brigade combat team (BCT), unit of employment x (UEx, a division equivalent), and unit of employment y (UEy, a theater and corps equivalent) warfighting platforms, strategic reach-back sites, and signal formations.
In the future, four brigade headquarters are expected to have 5 E-9 positions (4 are CSM), 27 battalion headquarters X 2 E-9s = 54 (27 are CSM), 5 unit of employment-operational (Uey) X 1 E-9 and 13 in unit of employment-tactical (UEx) X 1 E-9.
While these are under the Unit of Employment Y (UEy, a blending of corps and army capabilities) for command and control, they may deploy to any theater.
My second priority is to provide Fires and Effects Cells (FECs) that replace fire support elements (FSEs) in our maneuver force at every level from the company to the UEy as the backbone of the ground force's ability to employ joint fires and effects.
* Provides reach back connectivity, both inter- and intra- UEy, through organic TACSAT assets.
These capabilities-based modules--centered upon the brigade combat team, the units of employment-tactical (UEx), and the units of employment-operational (UEy)--are right for our Army.
The TSC will work under the new unit of employment operational headquarters (known as the UEy), with the TSC commander serving as the senior Army logistics commander in the UEy.