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You see, the trouble was, you couldn't divide up two di'monds amongst three.
But now we was up a stump, for we couldn't go to bed.
I was surprised to witness how coolly the child gathered himself up, and went on with his intention; exchanging saddles and all, and then sitting down on a bundle of hay to overcome the qualm which the violent blow occasioned, before he entered the house.
I only make pincushions and pen-wipers, to use up my waste.
She had an elfin chin that was capable of great expression; and whenever she gave this look, she hitched this chin up.
It had been raining 'most every day for three weeks, and it was just in haymaking time, and everybody thought the hay was going to be ruined, and old Layton got up and prayed that God would send gentle showers on the growing crops, and I heard Uncle Roger whisper to a fellow behind me, 'If somebody don't choke him off we won't get the hay made this summer.
When he swallowed it he looked up and says, solemn as an owl, 'Give it to me oftener and more at a time.
Wendy," he said, striding up and down, "I have asked the redskins to guide you through the wood, as flying tires you so.
Nibs had to knock twice before he got an answer, though Tink had really been sitting up in bed listening for some time.
But he was better acquainted with the locality and ran along the edge of the water and up another run-way.
All afternoon, with occasional intervals, we kept it up, and a playful, friendly spirit arose between us.
He refilled the clip, threw a cartridge into the chamber, and, with the trigger at full cock, thrust up the safety ratchet.
Twice he changed cabs, and finally fetched up at the night office of a detective agency.
It's so annoying to hear the receivers going down whenever you ring anyone up.
I suppose it was the Pye receiver being hung up with profane energy.