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a week from next Tuesday

An unspecified date or time far in the future, sometimes used to denote a time that will never come to pass. At this rate, it will be a week from next Tuesday before I'm ready to start writing this report. You can keep crying until a week from next Tuesday and I still won't buy you that new video game.
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a week tomorrow/on (some day)/etc.

One week from the day specified. Primarily heard in UK. I'm flying to Ireland a week on Saturday for my brother's wedding. We need that report finished a week tomorrow.
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a week yesterday/last (some day)/etc.

One week before the day specified. They only gave me the assignment a week yesterday, so I'm really stressed out about getting it finished by tomorrow. Chris left on his work trip a week last Tuesday.
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Black Friday

1. Any day of major financial chaos or disaster; refers specifically to September 24, 1869, when stock speculators attempting to corner US gold trade caused the entire market to crash. The extremely fast growth in Wall Street has some economists worried that another Black Friday might be ahead if such growth continues unchecked.
2. The day after Thanksgiving in the US, on which extravagant sales create a frenzy of consumer activity in stores across the country. I hate working in retail on Black Friday—everyone acts like a crazy person!
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c u next Tuesday

euphemism A humorous subsitution for the vulgar, offensive term "cunt," based on the sound of the first two letters sounding like "see you," and "next Tuesday" representing the letters "N" and "T." Come on, tip the waitress. Don't be a c u next Tuesday, Dave.
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cheap-arse Tuesday

The day of the week in Australia when many goods and services are offered at lower prices or as part of discounted deals. Primarily heard in Australia. When I was studying in university, cheap-arse Tuesday was my favorite day of the week!
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from here till next Tuesday

1. All over the place; over a very wide area or distance. I shudder to think of shopping on Black Friday, when every store from here till next Tuesday is crawling with consumers. When I saw my brother get off the train, I had a smile on my face from here till next Tuesday.
2. For a long time. Good luck escaping Aunt Louise, she could talk from here till next Tuesday.
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Giving Tuesday

In the US, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, on which people are encouraged to make charitable donations. The day stands in contrast to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are typically heavy shopping days after the Thanksgiving holiday. I always donate money to my high school alma mater on Giving Tuesday.
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see you next Tuesday

euphemism A humorous subsitution for the vulgar, offensive term "cunt," based on the sound of the first two words representing "C U" and the initials of the next two representing "N T." Come on, tip the waitress. Don't be a see you next Tuesday, Dave.
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the second Tuesday of the week

A time that does not exist and thus will never come. A: "Do you think Samantha will agree to go on a date with Jake?" B: "Oh sure—on the second Tuesday of the week!"
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Tuesday's child is full of grace

People born on a Tuesday will supposedly be very gracious, agreeable, refined, and polite in manner or behavior. From a nursery rhyme called "Monday's Child" meant to help children remember the days of the week (and predict a child's future). The modern version of the poem commonly reads: Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is full of grace, Wednesday's child is full of woe, Thursday's child has far to go, Friday's child is loving and giving, Saturday's child works hard for a living, And the child that is born on the Sabbath day, Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay. His mother likes to tell people that he was born on a Tuesday, because she likes to boast about how well-mannered he is and "Tuesday's child is full of grace."
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from here till next Tuesday

Rur. for a great distance; for a long time. If you try that again, I'll knock you from here till next Tuesday. You can lecture him from here till next Tuesday, but he won't listen.
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Black Friday

1. Also Black Monday, Black Tuesday, etc. A day of economic catastrophe, as in We feared there'd be another Black Friday. This usage dates from September 24, 1869, a Friday when stock manipulators Jay Gould and James Fisk tried to corner the gold market and caused its collapse. The adjective black has been appended to similar occasions ever since, including October 29, 1929, the Tuesday of the market collapse that marked the start of the Great Depression, and Black Monday of October 19, 1987, when the stock market experienced its greatest fall since the Great Depression.
2. Any day marked by great confusion or activity, as in It was just my luck to be traveling on Black Tuesday. This usage, too, is based on the events of 1869, marked by economic chaos. It has since been extended to other kinds of confusion, such as an accident hampering traffic during the evening rush hour.
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This Tuesday also symbolizes the capital of Azerbaijan, since Baku is well-known as "city of wind".
According to tradition, Azerbaijanis always solemnly celebrated the third Tuesday because precisely in this day wind animates nature, opens the buds of trees.
Wind Tuesday is also noteworthy because in this they members of the family tie red ribbon over the semeni.
Third Tuesday is also noted in Azerbaijani folklore where is said that in the Wind Tuesday four winds, namely: ag-yel (white wind), qara-yel (black wind), xazri (Northern wind) and gilavar (Southern wind) released from the black jar and each of them are dressed in clothes of particular colors.
Tuesday is when the weekend past is a distant memory and the weekend to come is too far in the distance to even think about.
Things always go belly-up on a Tuesday. This Tuesday I woke at 5am, too early to get up for work, so I tried to get back to sleep, no chance, because it was Tuesday.
A warning light is on and it reads 'gearbox fault', typical, but then again it is Tuesday.
We had people in every school on every Tuesday. There wasn't room for all the volunteers to get on the agenda." In the first six months, 68 community members from 35 organizations participated, making 84 presentations at the schools.
Monday, Dec 29, 10am-8pm, Tuesday, Dec 30, 10am-8pm.
As the holiday itself, Tuesdays also have own customs and rituals.
Preparation for the spring meeting lasts four weeks, and each "Tuesday" becomes a little bit of the long-awaited farewell to the winter.
It is no coincidence that the first Tuesday prior to Novruz is associated with Water Tuesday, since water is the main source of life.