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But most of the franchises aren't happy with the development and they have asked the IPL governing council to reconsider the decision and have forwarded the proposal of restricting the retention -- including usage of the trump card -- to five players.
Lynch suggests that the trump card that Fanny tries to sell William is the same queen that Henry had just refused to purchase from Mary on Lady Bertram's behalf; Fanny must have bought it from Mary while Henry's attention was otherwise engaged (22).
While she seems to be giving up the trump card of a baronet's eldest son, Tom's illness reveals that she has always had an eye for the main chance.
Teams can retain up to 8players with the introduction of three trump cards
But the air has finally been cleared as each team will now be allowed to retain eight players five under the retention clause and three thanks to trump cards.
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The Chancellor's allies say he holds the trump cards because Mr Blair has signed up to the "five tests" rule.
Starting on July 4, 15 million Motor Show Top Trump cards will be distributed from more than 950 participating Shell forecourts around the UK.