(one's) true color(s)

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(one's) true color(s)

One's true or honest beliefs, thoughts, convictions, biases, desires, etc.; one's real personality, character, or disposition. Dave said all along that he only wanted this deal because it was in the company's best interest, but he showed his true colours once he realized that he wouldn't get any special commission for his efforts. You will really see your friends' true colors when you call upon them in a time of crisis.
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someone's true colors

Fig. a person's true attitude, opinions, and biases. When he lost his temper at his wife, I began to see his true colors.
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true colors

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your, his, etc. true ˈcolours

(British English) (American English your, his, etc. true ˈcolors) (often disapproving) what a person is really like: Once he got into power he showed his true colours.
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True color has existed for several decades on nonoperational low-Earth-orbiting (LEO) satellite platforms, with more widespread forecast community usage emerging with the launch of NASA's Terra (1999) and Aqua (2002) polar-orbiting satellites [carrying the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)].
1977) when comparing AHI true color to the MODIS Blue Marble.
Since then, the True Colors Fund has successfully focused its efforts to end LGBT homelessness at the local, state and national levels through five key strategies: community organizing, public engagement, public policy, research and youth collaboration.
amp;nbsp; All auction proceeds benefit the True Colors Fund, co-founded by Cyndi Lauper to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality and to raise awareness about LGBT youth homelessness.
We've been operating fully here in Atlanta but we need a really good support base in Washington and New York," says True Colors managing director Wendy Riggs.
That's why when they said "We'll make it the True Colors tour," I said, "Well, then we should include the Human Rights Campaign"--because the song "True Colors" means so much to the LGBT community, and you can't ignore that.
Grammy-award winning international DJ and producer Zedd will be back in the Philippines once again to provide a vibrant musical experience with the True Colors Tour, presented by Neverland Manila, on August 8, 2015.
Using sophisticated software to align and digitize images of the same patch of sky in the three hues, he produces a computer-generated picture that closely matches the sky's true colors.
From the artist that brought you dancefloor hits Addicted To A Memory, Clarity, and Spectrum, Grammy Award-winning DJ- producer Zedd will be back in Manila for NEVERLAND MANILA PRESENTS: ZEDD TRUE COLORS TOUR.