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sing in tribulation

To succumb to torture and confess one's misdeeds. I know he stole chickens from my farm, and he'll tell you all about it, once he's singing in tribulation!
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trials and tribulations

Various difficulties, hardships, or problems, especially those that test one's courage, endurance, or resolve. The many trials and tribulations of becoming a doctor both serve to educate future medical practitioners as well as weed out those who aren't willing to dedicate the necessary time and effort. I hate going out with coworkers—all we end up doing is going over the various trials and tribulations of our job!
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trials and tribulations

Cliché problems and tests of one's courage or perseverance. I suppose I have the normal trials and tribulations for a person of my background, but some days are just a little too much for me. I promise not to tell you of the trials and tribulations of my day if you promise not to tell me yours!
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trials and tribulations

Tests of one's patience or endurance, as in She went through all the trials and tribulations of being admitted to law school only to find she couldn't afford to go . This redundant expression- trial and tribulation here both mean the same thing-is also used semi-humorously, as in Do you really want to hear about the trials and tribulations of my day at the office?
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ˌtrials and tribuˈlations

difficulties and troubles: The novel is about the trials and tribulations of adolescence.
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trials and tribulations

Troubles and afflictions. This cliché, from the late nineteenth century, is actually redundant, for trial here means “trouble” or “misfortune,” as, in effect, does tribulation. It is a case of repetition for emphasis, as well as alliteration, and today is used more lightly than in the past. For example, “Jane told me about the trials and tribulations of her trip—flight cancellations, lost baggage, and a horrid hotel.”
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(I had a lot of tribulations that pushed me to the corner / I had problems that I even thought committing suicide was better / God of Abraham came through and said / He was with me even when everyone has left me.")
"All of them are dedicated to their music and communicating through their art with the outside world, bringing fame and respect for their ancient country, overcoming the tribulations of war and terrorism and symbolizing the best of the human spirit."
Written by successful Chesterbased playwright Gail Young, the play Bouncing Back tells the story of a group of women returners to the game of netball, the trials and tribulations of their training sessions, group bonding, getting sponsorship, tough coaching, and the stress of organising 'me time' as they struggle to get fit and reach their ultimate goal of actually winning a game.
'Though the fight is still on, Pakistan has emerged stronger from the tribulations,' the ISPR quoted the Gen Qamar as saying.
Nazir Ahmad Raina led his funeral prayers.JI Kulgam District President and Jamaat spokesman Advocate Zahid Ali also participated in the funeral prayers.Advocate Zahid Ali told media that Kumar faced many trials and tribulation throughout his life.
Critique: An inherently fascinating and deftly crafted novel, "Tribulations of an Old Hippy" showcases author Leslie Tucker's genuine flair for originality and ability to compel his reader's attention from beginning to end.
Three years in the making, 'The Long Shot' follows Keoghan through the trials and tribulations of his training career and the film producer has admitted it is quite a dark programme that lays bare the huge challenges he faced in getting his horses to the track.
But the mid-afternoon slot hasn't stopped him rollicking through his life story and naughty break-up tales, including the trials and tribulations of sexting and online dating.
Mr Rahman spoke at the event during the "Triumphs & Tribulations - Stories of entrepreneurs who made it BIG!" session and attributed his success and accomplishments to hard work, dedication and persistence.
TRIBULATIONS begins with a bang: an asteroid storm has obliterated Earth, and Billy and Linda West have built enough space-going arks to save a number of humans who roam the universe searching for a new home.
Summary: The trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan continue after the star posted on Twitter that she had failed a court-ordered drug test.
Nawaz Sharif said that Punjab Government would extend full support to the flood affected people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and they will not be left alone in this hour of need and tribulations.
BOYLSTON - When the musical "Tribulations of the Millionaire" opened to high praise at Calliope Theatre last year, its playwrights, Daniel and Patrick Lazour, then in high school, said they definitely would consider writing a second play.
I hope so, we're having fun doing it." The third instalment follows the trials and tribulations of Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) as he tries to raise twins with his wife.