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drop the topic

Stop discussing this subject at once. Yes, I was late today—can we just drop the topic now? I don't want to talk about my ex anymore! Drop the topic already!
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off topic

Introducing, addressing, or discussing things not relevant to or concerned with the subject at hand. Sometimes hyphenated (always if used immediately before a noun). Make sure you don't go off topic during your lecture, or you'll just confuse your students. This is off-topic a bit, but what do you think about the recent economic trend in the Asian markets? My father always includes this off-topic remarks whenever he tells a story, and it just drags the whole thing out for what feels like an eternity.
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*off topic

not on the topic of discussion; far from the general subject of a discussion; not part of the purpose of a particular communication channel, such as an Internet newsgroup. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; get someone ~.) The boys in the back of the room just love to get the teacher off topic.
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