A quaint, informal, and lighthearted expression of farewell. Primarily heard in UK. Thank you for your hospitality, but I had best be going. Toodle-oo! She waved out the window of the train to her family and shouted, "Toodle-oo!"


A quaint, informal, and lighthearted expression of farewell. Thank you for a lovely lunch, but I'd better get going. Toodles! A: "See you all tomorrow!" B: "Toodles, Jan!"
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interj. Good-bye. Take it easy. Toodle-oo.


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In the outer room Toodles, who had been waiting perched on the edge of a table, advanced to meet him, subduing his natural buoyancy.
The sympathetic Toodles welcomed this opening for a chuckle.
"The time has come, and he is the only man great enough for the work," protested the revolutionary Toodles, flaring up under the calm, speculative gaze of the Assistant Commissioner.
Let's have a chat about some of the other stuff in due course, until then, toodle pip and have a nice day.
The filmmaker, who is currently co-judging reality show India's Got Talent along with actresses Kirron Kher and Malaika Arora Khan, often shares behind-the-scene videos on social media called "Toodle".
Toodle, Herbert Pocket, Betsey Trotwood, Harold Skimpole, Jenny Wren, Nicodemus Boffin, Sydney Carton, Bill Sikes, Nancy, and Uriah Heep.
Pregnant Pip out and abow-wowt TOODLE PIP She leaves Tesco with PIPPA Middleton hides her bump under the bow of her her dogs peach outift as she walks her dogs in the sun with a friend.
The 30-minute funny act performed in the form of a musical tale by Tom and Jerry and their other buddies Toodle, Butch and Spike was a major attraction for children at Doha Festival City throughout the five-day Eid Al Adha celebrations that concluded on Tuesday.
Over the years we've seen so many near-duplicates of this story that we stopped commenting on them: Dad, Mom and the kids pile into the family station wagon and toodle off on vacation.
This was no problem for me - I just got my butler to toodle on down to the polling station to vote for me.
After all, we've got thousands of miles of unclassified roads in Wales where they could toodle along all day to their hearts' content with only the sheep to annoy.
That's why she needs Clocky, a cute, rolling alarm clock that goes up and then runs away and hides, leaving you to toodle around the room desperately searching for it to shut the damn thing off.
In Dombey and Son the son of Polly Toodle is patronized by Mr Dombey, who sends himo off to the 'Charitable Grinders' school, where the number of the son is 'one hundred and forty-seven'.
You can even hire a driver for cruising around in a Rolls-Royce from Catalina Transportation Services, the island's lone taxi company, and toodle about Avalon in swank style.
We had spoken almost daily for that year, and he would have had to mutter but a word or two and this native of Liverpool (he still, honest to God, says things like "toodle pip" and calls nearly everyone "Luv") would have stood out even in a New York crowd.