Tomorrow never comes

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Tomorrow never comes.

Prov. When the day arrives that you are now calling "tomorrow," you will call that day "today" and a different day will be called "tomorrow." (Therefore, you should not resolve to do something tomorrow, since that day will never arrive.) Jill: When are you going to go to lunch with me? Jane: Tomorrow. Jill: Tomorrow never comes.
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Tomorrow never comes, I was told as a young 'un, because when it does it is called today!
And Ronan hasn't done too badly on his own either with his ever growing list of solo hits including When You Say Nothing At All, Life Is A Rollercoaster and If Tomorrow Never Comes.
Problems are for tomorrow and tomorrow never comes.
The Irishman, whose hits include If Tomorrow Never Comes and Love Me for a Reason, is a regular visitor to Archerfield where he enjoys staying with his family and golfing.
When we travel, I'm just her arm candy.'' The If Tomorrow Never Comes hitmaker, who has three daughters, Taylor, 22, August, 20, and Allie, 18, with Trisha, is gearing up to release his first studio album in 14 years - Man Against Machine - next month and didn't write many of the tracks because he was too busy being a parent.
Perhaps last night he was hoping Tomorrow Never Comes.
TOMORROW IS BUT A DREAM Please take me to tomorrow, And I won't yearn for yesterday, I'll drift the night upon a dream, Through till the break of day, I'll stroll the sun-kissed morning, And whisper to the breeze, And Nature's arms will hold me close, Her beauty so serene, I'll walk the lush green meadow, And pick a rambling rose, And hold it close unto my heart, Sweet rose, sweet life unknown, I'll watch the world awaken, And know tomorrow cannot be, They say tomorrow never comes, And the future can't be seen, I can't go back to yesterday, Tomorrow is but a dream, Reality is in today, Of days that might have been.
They say tomorrow never comes, we all know that's untrue because tomorrow brings the date and the month we lost you.
The 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' hitmaker made the above comments during an interview with the BBC's Newsnight current affairs programme for a special episode focusing on cancer.
Among the floating palaces berthed across from the city's national exhibition centre was the 90-metre-long "Dubawi" and the dagger-shaped "Wally Power," which starred in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Comes .
It was found that there was insufficient money in the then current budget so it would be put into the next year's budget and, yes, you have guessed, tomorrow never comes.
And thousands of fans agreed it was the right move after Richard scooped the winning trophy from Owen Money with his rendition of Ronan Keating's song If Tomorrow Never Comes.
Some his last tracks were I Hope You Dance, (Leanne Womack), When You Say Nothing at All (Keith Whitley), Last Thing On My Mind (LeAnne Rimes), She Believes In Me (Kenny Rogers), If Tomorrow Never Comes (Garth Brooks).
The Festival opened with commercial thriller Goddess of Mercy by Hong Kong director Ann Hui and closed with Bollywood blockbuster Tomorrow Never Comes by Nikhil Advani.