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hot tomato

slang An attractive female. Check out that hot tomato! Do you think she'd go out with me?
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tomato can

An exceptionally poor boxer, one who is often paired with a much better boxer so as to improve the latter's statistics and win percentages. The up-and-coming star boxer suffered a huge upset last night at the hands of a tomato can who everyone expected to lose.
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tomato juice

1. Literally, juice from a tomato. My grandfather loves to drink tomato juice, but I can't stomach it. I think this Bloody Mary needs some more tomato juice.
2. slang Blood, especially from a boxer. (This phrase is likely related to the term "tomato can"—an exceptionally poor boxer.) Look at that fool, leaking tomato juice all over the ring already!
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tomayto, tomahto

A negligible, trivial, or unimportant difference, distinction, or correction. (Refers to the American pronunciation of tomato as "tomayto," compared with the British pronunciation of "tomahto." Specifically, it is an allusion to a verse in the song "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off": "You like potayto, I like potahto; you like tomayto, I like tomahto; potayto, potahto, tomayto, tomahto, let's call the whole thing off!") A: "Well, technically, the Hindenburg was a rigid airship, not a blimp." B: "Eh, tomayto, tomahto. What difference does it make?"
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n. an attractive girl or woman. A good-looking tomato brought me my change.
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A TRAIN DRIVER freshly-brewed coffee grilled tomato baked beans on toast glass of fresh grapefruit juice AMANDA SAYS: A train driver needs to keep concentration at optimum levels.
I started with the traditional Ntakos, which is a piece of crispy bread topped with tomato and feta, followed by the 'saganaki' and the piece de resistance, the feta with fig.
Compatibility of entomopathogenic nematodes (Nematoda: Rhabditida) with insecticides used in the tomato crop.
It just shows what a s*** line it is with these tomatoes thriving on fertiliser from the trains."
Patna: A prominent hotel in Bihar threw up a grand feast for some 500 villagers early this week to educate them on how delicious dishes can be cooked even without using tomatoes and onions, whose prices have sky-rocketed in recent weeks.
In the figure, of course no modern MT system worth its salt would make such a grand translation error for such a simple sentence, but note that tomatos is misspelled and an MT system would not know how to translate it.
Among the winners were; vegetable category, Brian Miles (white potatoes and swede), R Scott (peas - 3.5ins), Arthur Bastide (beetroot, potatoes, flat onions, cherry tomatos) Colin Drake (shallots, tomatoes, onions, broad beans, heaviest potatoes), Peter Williams (peas +3.5in, dwarf French beans, runner beans, lettuce, novice class), Jack Warne (carrots), A & M Carter, (cabbage), Andy Greenwood (cucumber, cabbage).
Diners can start with manakich, foul, hommus and egg dishes -- like bayd bil banadoura (eggs with tomatos) and move on to grilled meats, kibbeh nayeh, tabbouleh and other lunch items.
Thread tuna chunks, cherry tomatos, courgette, red and yellow peppers and onion onto soaked wooden sticks.
bacteria source is the sprouts, and not Spanish cucumber, tomatos or salad as
We should import these crops and save our water," he said, singling out tomatos and bananas.
The Moruno has been grown exclusively for Tesco and is packed with lycopene - the antioxidant which gives tomatos a rich red colour and is known to help guard against prostate and breast cancer.
"Our group studies the light regulation of flavonoid synthesis in tomatos in order to develop strategies to increase flavonoid levels for improved nutritional content."
Horticulture related fruits are citrus, mango pulp, tomatos etc.