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The phrase "a Tom Swifty" comes to mind for Osborne's good fortune from the PS27bn windfall.
A Tom Swifty is when an author of a cheapo thriller can't figure out an escape route for his/her hero, tied up to a railway line when the express train and the outlaws are approaching.
Since the early 1990's, there has been a growing interest in the computer generation of humorous texts and small humour-generation programmes have been implemented: the LIBJOG system (Raskin & Attardo, 1994), The Tom Swifty generator (Lessard & Levinson, 1992), the JAPE riddle generator (Binsted & Ritchie, 1994), the HCPP generator (Lessard et al., 2002), The WisCraic pun generator (Mc Kay, 2002), and the HAHA acronym manipulator (Stock & Strapparava, 2002; Attardo & Mele 2002).
"Now you can make your very own maple syrup," she said sweetly--if you'll forgive a Tom Swifty.
"The term 'tom swifty' was taken from the character Tom Swirl in a series of adventure books by Edward L.
In a tom swifty, a pun is made on an adverb or adverbial phrase.