Today here, tomorrow the world

today (some place), tomorrow the world

1. cliché First this location will be conquered, soon to be followed by the entire world. "Today France, tomorrow the world!" cackled the evil leader, as his army poured out of the stronghold and swept across the country.
2. By extension, we will first find success in this location, then that success will quickly spread to the rest of the world. I have a feeling that this product could revolutionize the way the entire planet consumes media. Today the United States, tomorrow the world!
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Today here, tomorrow the world.

Prov. Successful in this location now, with later recognition in the rest of the world. (Describes something whose influence seems certain to spread. The name of an appropriate locality is usually substituted for here.) I thought that silly fashion in clothes was unique to California, but it seems to be spreading. Today Los Angeles, tomorrow the world.
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