tip the scale(s)

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tip the scale(s)

To upset the balance of a situation, such that one side or element is favored or gains advantage. The two candidates are so close in the polls that both are vying for something that will tip the scale in their favor. The immense interconnectivity of social media has tipped the scales of power somewhat back into the hands of the ordinary population.
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tip (or turn) the scales (or balance)

(of a circumstance or event) be the deciding factor; make the critical difference.
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tip the scales

1. To register weight (at a certain amount).
2. To offset the balance of a situation.
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THIS specimen, tipping the scales at 10lb 8oz, is a roosterfish, caught by Tillicoultry angler Alan Stirling off Baja, Mexico.
Tipping the scales at 40 kg (88lb) at birth, Lukuni,named after a place in central Africa,can now be seen out and about on fine days with proud mother Ippy and father Kinta and is proving to be a big hit with the visitors.
It is bad enough for any man or woman to be tipping the scales at that weight, but for a dog to weigh in at over 19 stones is totally ridiculous.