Times change

Times change(, people change).

Prov. As time passes, different things become acceptable. Grandmother: In my day, no decent young woman would wear anything as immodest as what you've got on. Granddaughter: Times change, Grandma. Alan: When I was in business school, the practices you call good business were called dishonest. Fred: Yeah, well, times change, people change.
See also: change, times
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I accept that times change in politics, for example the Labour Party used to be left-wing not right-wing and so on.
As times change, we started thinking we may have to change with the times.
Freeze-up and break-up times change, and with them access to the wood to be harvested.
But times change, and so has the role of women in the military.
But times change, the world changes, and to meet this challenge of change we seek assistance similar to the assistance enjoyed by our competition.
Because separatism's viability was rooted in particular historical circumstances -- and times change.
Times change, and it's time for Caltrans to change with them.