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1. A person who is older in age. Often used as a term of address. Hey, old-timer—let me help you carry those! There are a few old-timers who come into the restaurant every morning like clockwork.
2. Someone who has a lot of experience in some activity, field, or profession (whether or not they are actually elderly). Often used as a term of address. I'm giving you a desk next to Martin. He's an old-timer in the company, and he'll help show you the ropes.


n. an old person; an old man. (Also a term of address.) Ask that old-timer over there if it has always been this bad around here.


n. one who deceives one’s lover. Sam just isn’t my idea of the typical two-timer.
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The goal is to always improve, and to accomplish that every shooter needs to make a shot timer part of their range bag.
Widely adopted by roughly two dozen countries around the world, traffic signal countdown timers are not used in the U.
Just imagine, a car is one hundred metres away from the lights and the timer says ten seconds remaining, this should encourage you to start applying the brakes in preparation for stopping but anyone that has driven in Bahrain knows that this won't happen with a lot of drivers.
Unlike legacy timers, SPT products integrate seamlessly with leading multiviewers, incorporating digital timers and/or analog clocks into the visual display.
With a few variations, this is the standard way these timers operate.
He said the department has lately canceled the digital timers because of a technical malfunction in the system, but they are being rectified and will be installed soon.
Time Timer PLUS[R] is a visual timer that helps teachers and students manage classroom time in an easy-to-use, easy-to-see system.
These new timers linked to popular tram stops promote a people-friendly city by informing pedestrians of how much time they have left to cross the road, Mr Koutsantonis said.
In the old days, we soon found timers didn't always work well on indoor ranges, as echoes would give false readings.
Advantix 4 Button Seven-Day Digital Timer, pounds 4.
The three timers--Freshness Timer (TF1), Fresh Food Timer (TF2), Freshness Timer (TF30)--are compact and easy to use, and just in time to start the upcoming year right.
Consequently, the Heat Computera only runs when temperatures inside the building fall below a comfortable level, about 6-10 hours per day, whereas a regular timer can run as many as 18-24 hours a day, even if the temperature inside has remained constant.
This range of products includes pneumatic timers used to delay the air signal coming in or out of an air component.