Time is a great healer

Time is a great healer.

Prov. Emotional pain will grow less as time passes. You may think your heart is broken and you can never possibly love again, but time is a great healer.
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Time is a great healer - but it's a lousy beautician.
"I can hopefully show if you knuckle down and try to do the right things, time is a great healer.
But time is a great healer where mental scars are concerned.
``It is said that time is a great healer,''he said.
It does however appear that some cases go back many years and whilst one can never forget the loss of a child, time is a great healer. It is doubly unfortunate therefore that this information has come to light after, in many cases, a very long time.
Captain Mark Phillips has delivered a message of support to Princess Di, telling her: "Time is a great healer."