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One age followed another--and still, generation after generation, the successors of the three Brahmins watched their priceless Moonstone, night and day.
Powerless to recover their lost treasure by open force, the three guardian priests followed and watched it in disguise.
"God keep ye from the fate that has met my three sons!
The memory of the old days when you freely bade me sup and dine would spur me on, even if three of the bravest lads in all the shire were not imperiled.
Then Fergus told the three brothers that Conor had forgiven them, and that he longed to see them back again in the land of Erin.
That each man should shoot seven arrows at the target that belonged to his band, and, of the fourscore yeomen of each band, the three that shot the best should be chosen.
Then she reached the three cutting swords, and got on her plough-wheel and rolled over them.
Having seen these three adventurous bands depart upon their forlorn expeditions, Mr.
He ought to thank all three of you for having interested yourselves in his favour.
"Three dollars and twelve and a half cents," she supplied quickly.
"Why, seignior," says the Spaniard, "by the same rule, we must be your servants, too." "Ay," returned the bold dog, "and so you shall, too, before we have done with you;" mixing two or three oaths in the proper intervals of his speech.
Rebmann, discovered two mountain-ranges three hundred miles from the coast.
They were a magnificent pair, the king especially, who must have been all of six feet three inches in height.
I could believe in one restaurant, on those terms; but then how about the three? Did they have restaurants there at three different periods of the world?--because there are two or three feet of solid earth between the oyster leads.
You are now of an age to choose your line of life or at least make choice of a calling that will bring you honour and profit when you are older; and what I have resolved to do is to divide my property into four parts; three I will give to you, to each his portion without making any difference, and the other I will retain to live upon and support myself for whatever remainder of life Heaven may be pleased to grant me.