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A hilarious joke, especially one that evokes loud and prolonged laughter. My uncle told me a real thigh-slapper the other day! Do you want to hear it?

thigh gap

The space visible between one's inner thighs when one stands with knees touching or almost touching. Because thinness contributes to a thigh gap, this concept is often regarded or criticized as a beauty ideal. I worry that the media is encouraging young girls to see a thigh gap as beautiful and necessary.
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n. big or fat thighs. (Cruel. Also a rude term of address.) Here, thunder-thighs, let me get you a chair or two.
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The skin lesions on the left helix and both thighs completely regressed after 2 months of antituberculosis therapy.
The thigh deboner is suitable for fresh and matured anatomical thighs, processing both left and right thighs with no handling prior to production.
You'll want to brine your thighs first in a solution of 1/4 cup kosher salt to 1 quart of water in the fridge for at least four hours, and up to overnight.
e fridge in the kitchen was full of unloved , unwanted, unaccounted for chicken thighs.
In the glossy shot on a yacht, the stairs near bikini-clad Bey's thighs appear distorted.
Barbell Denim's co-founder of Hunter Molzen, said that athletes work hard for their strong, meaty thighs and they should be proud of them, ABC News reported.
Using a paring knife, remove the skin and bone from 2 of the chicken thighs.
Watching countless fashion shows as a teenager, I was unfortunately inundated with images of women and girls who had pronounced space between their thighs.
QUETTA -- Experts in eating disorders are concerned about an Internet-fueled trend in which teenage girls and young women pursue an elusive and possibly dangerous weight-loss goal: to become so slender that their thighs don't touch even when their feet are together.
Confit English chicken thigh with polenta and sun-dried tomato and black olive marjoram Ingredients 12 large sardines 1 large lemon, sliced 4 English chicken thighs 1 litre duck fat 3 sprigs of thyme 2 cloves of garlic 100g polenta 250g milk 250g double cream 30g grated parmesan 100ml chicken jus 10 sliced black olives 10 sun dried tomatoes Picked marjoram petals Method 1.
Women, on the other hand, are more often pear-shaped, storing more fat on their hips and thighs than in the belly.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed large abscesses (larger than 4 cm) in the pelvis and thighs on the right side (Fig.
Female subjects with cellulitis on their thighs (average age of 36) were treated with a cream containing 3% Slimaluma.
Having extra weight on your behind, big hips and solid thighs "is good for you", British researchers said on Tuesday.